OpenAI GPT-4: Watch The Announcement Live (Plus Everything We Know So Far)

OpenAI GPT-4: Watch The Announcement Live (Plus Everything We Know So Far)

Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI, will go live at 1 pm PT for a developer demo showcasing GPT-4 and some of its capabilities and limitations.

ChatGPT currently runs on GPT-3.5, which allows the language assistant to read and respond with text only. So, what can we expect from GPT-4? Here are some potential features and implications of GPT-4, according to a new post from OpenAI:

  • Increased Size and Capabilities: GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters, which is already an enormous number. However, OpenAI has hinted that GPT-4 could be even bigger and more powerful, possibly reaching trillions of parameters. This would enable the model to generate even more complex and sophisticated language, as well as performing more diverse tasks such as summarizing, paraphrasing, and composing music.
  • Better Accuracy and Consistency: While GPT-3 has achieved impressive results in many language tasks, it still has some limitations and errors, especially in generating factual or domain-specific information. GPT-4 is expected to address these issues by improving the accuracy and consistency of its responses, as well as the ability to reason and infer from knowledge.
  • More Robustness and Adaptability: Another challenge that GPT-3 faces is its susceptibility to biases and adversarial attacks, which can distort or manipulate its outputs. GPT-4 is likely to incorporate more robust and adaptive mechanisms that can detect and correct such distortions, as well as being more resilient to new and unfamiliar domains or contexts.
  • Enhanced Multilingualism and Multimodality: One of the most impressive features of GPT-3 is its ability to translate between dozens of languages and even perform language inference and analysis. GPT-4 is expected to expand on this capability by incorporating more languages and dialects, as well as integrating other modalities such as images, videos, and audio.
  • Ethical and Social Implications: As GPT-4 and other advanced AI models become more powerful and ubiquitous, there are concerns about their impact on society, privacy, and human values. OpenAI has acknowledged these concerns and stated that they will continue to prioritize ethical and responsible development of AI, including transparency, fairness, and accountability.


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