Instagram Updates 2024: How to Embrace the Instagram Algorithm (May 2024 Changes)

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In Brief: New Instagram updates 2024 ranking and tagging features to give more lift to small and original content creators.

Instagram is updating its home feed ranking algorithm to give a emphasis to original content, according to Meta’s Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram.

Mosseri took to X this week to discuss the tweaks, part of a bigger push to champion creativity and fairness.

According to Mosseri, “Instagram thrives on people expressing themselves. Creators are key to our future, and they’ve been telling us how crucial it is to get credit for their work. So, we’re unveiling a couple of tricks today to ensure credit goes where it’s due.”

He went on to explain three updates aimed at giving creators their due:

  1. Home Feed Ranking Change: This tweak in the algorithm will give more love to original content. Basically, if you create and post something yourself, it’s more likely to get seen than stuff you reshare. According to Mosseri: “I know a lot of you are skeptical of ranking, but it really does help us make sure that Instagram is more valuable to each and every person who uses the platform. This [update] is specifically focused on this idea of originality. If you create something from scratch you should get more credit than if you are sharing something that you found from someone else. We’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content.”
  2. Product Tags: Enhanced ways to tag products. Mosseri states: “Product tags have been available for a while now, but they’re now going to be available to everyone. So no matter who you are out there, you can tag a product and drive some traffic or attention to a business or a creator that you love.”
  3. Enhanced People Tags: More features for tagging people. From Mosseri: “So you’ve always been able to tag accounts on Instagram and photos or videos for a long time now, but now you can actually select a category for yourself. So if you go into profile, edit profile, and that category will show up when you are tagged in a photo or a video. Again, trying to make sure that you can have your presence, your identity, be what you want it to be and have that credit flow appropriately.”

Despite the notes, there remains a lot of grey around the updates, especially around how cross-posting content to different accounts or even platforms will impact ranks scores. As always, it will take some experimenting and testing to ensure you’re making the right tweaks to lean into the latest changes.


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