Claude Pro: Anthropic Announces $20 Paid Plan To Heat Up Competition with ChatGPT

ChatGPT may have been the first big Gen-AI chatbot out of the gates, but it’s not the only one. And, depending who you ask, it’s not even the best. One of OpenAI’s key competitors has been Claude from Anthropic, and on Thursday, Anthropic announced they are launching a paid subscription service called Claude Pro for users who want more advanced capabilities.

Claude Pro: Details

For $20 per month, you get up to five times more usage than the free Claude 2 model. That means longer conversations, more messages before you hit the limit, and priority access when is busy. You’ll also get early access to new features that Anthropic rolls out.

Claude Pro vs ChatGPT

Here are four things Claude can do that ChatGPT can’t:

  • Change its mind when proven wrong. Unlike ChatGPT, Claude can correct previous mistakes if you provide evidence that contradicts its earlier claims.
  • Push back on harmful instructions. If you tell ChatGPT to do something unethical or dangerous, it will often comply without question. But Claude was designed with strong safety features to avoid causing harm.
  • Make more nuanced arguments. Claude’s got more advanced reasoning skills to have thoughtful debates and avoid logical fallacies. ChatGPT tends to stick to more black-and-white perspectives.
  • Offer clearer explanations. Claude provides step-by-step breakdowns to explain its reasoning. ChatGPT’s explanations can be vague or incomplete in comparison.
Claude Pro
Via Anthropic

Even with Claude Pro, there will still be some limits on how much you can use it before you hit your daily cap. Anthropic says this is because running Claude takes a ton of computing power. The limits allow new users to try Claude for free while letting power users integrate it into their everyday work.

ChatGPT Plus and Claude Pro both cost the same at $20 per month. So if you’re willing to pay, which AI sidekick will you choose? Claude’s extra safety features may give it an edge for now. But competition is heating up in this space. It’ll be cool to see how both services continue evolving their abilities over time.


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