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New to Canva? These 20 Essential Canva Tips For Beginners Will Help You Level Up

With Canva's user-friendly interface and extensive array of features, creating captivating visuals has never been easier. However, the platform can still be a bit overwhelming on your first few visits.  In this article, the Department will help you navigate deep into the world of Canva, offering practical Canva tips and tricks that are specifically designed to empower beginners. From discovering time-saving shortcuts to unlocking hidden design elements, we'll equip you with the knowledge necessary to navigate Canva with confidence.
Interactive AI,

What’s After Generative AI? Interactive AI, According to DeepMind Co-Founder

There's no doubt that AI has started to move very, very quickly. However, it was a slow build. Decades of research, beginning decades ago, brought about the beginning of artificial intelligence, with deep learning that could classify information. That led to the current iteration of the technology - generative AI, with text applications such as ChatGPT, Claude and Bard, as well as video and image applications such as Runway, Dall-E and Midjourney. But, what's next?