Instagram Ad Breaks: Meta Tests Unskippable In-Feed Ads

Instagram ad breaks example.

Instagram ads may soon be harder to avoid.

According to reports, Meta is testing a new type of non-skippable ad format on Instagram called “ad breaks.”

These ads will appear in users’ main Instagram feeds and cannot be scrolled past until the “ad break” finishes, which is currently a few seconds long.

This marks a significant shift for Instagram, as non-skippable video ads have previously been more common on other platforms like YouTube, but not the main Instagram feed. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it is experimenting with this new ad format as part of its efforts to “test and learn.”

While the specifics may change as Meta gathers user feedback, these “ad breaks” represent a more aggressive monetization strategy for the social media giant. Instagram users may soon find it much harder to avoid advertisements while scrolling through their feeds.