ChatGPT wrote and directed this film

ChatGPT wrote and directed this film
From "The Safe Zone."

Richard Juan’s The Safe Zone is a short film that he says was written and directed within a week by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, with some help from the company’s text-to-image tool, Dall-E 2.

From the filmmaker’s YouTube page: “With the help of ChatGPT of OpenAI, we were able to not only get it to write us a full script, but also have it direct us in the production of this short film. We were able to ask ChatGPT to give us a full shot list, suggest specific instructions for the Director of Photography and camera operators (choice of camera lenses, camera movements and lighting requirements), recommend wardrobe preferences, and even give us specific prompts to let Dall-E 2 create a full storyboard.”

It’s no masterpiece, but as Juan says, ChatGPT only came out in November.

You can watch it here:


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