3 Super Useful AI Tools We’re Using This Month (May 2024)


There are plenty of new tools cluttering up our social feeds these days.

Part of our job is to sift through, test, and separate the hype from the actually useful AI tools available each month. Some are bigger Saas companies that are onboarding new AI features, while others are brand new, AI-first apps and sites.

Each month, we round up a few of our favorite, most useful AI tools – and here are three we’re using, loving, and recommending for May 2024:

1. LOOM (https://www.loom.com/ai)

Feature Invisible Speaker Notes Before

Loom is a great tool for recording and sending videos for sales leads, project collaboration, and messaging – and the company’s suite of AI tools make it all more efficient. How? The useful AI tools now built in bumps up your end result by creating auto summaries and chapters, a full text document, and enhances your video by auto-removing all those “ums” and “ahs”, as well as any other filler content. And it’s rolling out AI avatars in the coming months as well.

2. RECLAIM AI (https://reclaim.ai)

Reclaim uses AI to manage your chaotic calendar, allowing you to focus on your strengths. The app syncs with you/your team’s Google Calendar and acts like a smart assistant, learning your priorities and making sure your calendar reflects them each week.

3. NOTE GPT (https://notegpt.io/youtube-video-summarizer)

notegpt tab

This tool gives you quick – and more importantly, accurate – YouTube summaries and transcripts. By our estimates, the transcripts are about 90% or so, which is great for a free tool. But the real power in in the summaries, where you are served up an overview, key points and core takeaways.

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