ChatGPT Plugins: OpenAI Unveils Major Upgrade with Introduction of Plugin Store and Web Access

ChatGPT Plugins: OpenAI Unveils Major Upgrade with Introduction of Plugin Store and Web Access

ChatGPT just underwent its biggest upgrade since the release of GPT-3. The new upgrade, which is even bigger than GPT-4, is centered on the introduction of ChatGPT plugins, which has been described as a personal app store. This development will allow users to take care of their food over the next week, book restaurant reservations, and order all the food from their meal plan to their home while calculating the calories. These actions will be done based on previous information uploaded, which may include food preferences.

ChatGPT Plugins Connect LLM To Internet

One of the significant aspects of the upgrade is that ChatGPT now offers internet access. Although the model is only trained with data up until September 2021, the language model has been plugged into the internet by OpenAI, thereby creating two plugins – browsing and retrieval. Browsing provides a curated result that comes straight from the web after a few seconds of browsing, with references within the text. This takes ChatGPT away from being a black box that does not give references, as it has been up until now.


The retrieval plugin will allow users to upload their custom data and files to ChatGPT. While the plugin has been open-sourced for use by developers, it is only a matter of time before a user-friendly plugin is released. The plugin will allow users to plug their data, website, or database directly into ChatGPT. This development will make it easy for people to explore their own documents and knowledge bases with ChatGPT.

Another significant aspect of the upgrade is the ability to combine multiple plugins. Users can pick multiple plugins to achieve their desired result. For example, they can book restaurant reservations, order food from their meal plan, and calculate calories based on previous information uploaded.

Here’s an example of plug-ins in action:

The plug-in upgrade is groundbreaking, allowing users to access the internet and upload their data, while combining multiple plugins to achieve their desired results. Although not all the plugins are available yet, the possibilities are endless. It is exciting to see how this upgrade will change the way we interact with technology, making things much easier and simpler.

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