The Best AI Newsletters To Add To Your Inbox in 2024

AI Newsletter

Emerging tech is moving fast, and staying informed is both a challenge and a necessity if you are making content or starting a business. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the shler volume of information available.

For us, social is great for quick updates, but we find a ton of value in the deeper thinking found in newsletters.

Finding the right AI newsletters can be a game-changer for anyone interested in the adopting emerging tech and techniques—whether you’re a new user, enthusiast, or tech industry leader.

Another reason AI newsletters are a great resource is their ability to foster a sense of community. Many newsletters encourage reader engagement through comments, discussions, and even events. This interaction not only enhances your understanding but also connects you with like-minded individuals navigating the AI landscape.

We’ve listed a handful of our favorite AI newsletters below – categorized into two areas:

1 – General AI newsletters that provide higher level updates that you can follow along from the moment you subscribe;

2 – Specialized AI newsletters that go deeper on specific topics – like product management, development, ethics, marketing, and more.

Check out the list, and please let us know if we missed your favorite – we’d love to check it out!

AI Newsletters for General Interest and Updates

An AI Newsletter For In-Depth Coverage

AI newsletter the gradient

The Gradient publishes in-depth articles and essays on AI research, ethics, and policy. It’s curated by “a non-profit and volunteer-run effort run by a collection of grad students, researchers, and engineers from various institutions and companies. We were founded in 2017 by a group of students and researchers at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL).”

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Essential Updates


AI Weekly provides a comprehensive roundup of the week’s most important AI news links. It’s perfect for folks who want a quick yet thorough update on what’s happening in the world of artificial intelligence.

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An AI Newsletter From The Brains at MIT


Billed as “a weekly newsletter that helps demystify artificial intelligence,” the editors at MIT Technology Review dive deep into the latest AI developments, offering thorough analyses and insights. It covers a broad spectrum of AI topics, from cutting-edge research to industry applications and general advances in the field of AI.

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Detailed Thoughts From Anthropic’s Co-Founder


This one’s written by Jack Clarke, co-founder of Anthropic (makers of Claude). He covers the latest in AI research, industry developments, and policy discussions. Subscribe for detailed and thoughtful commentary on current AI trends and issues.

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Notes On AI And The Future of Content

Default a working working in an office desk in outer space pla 2

Alright, we wouldn’t add this here if we didn’t think it could hold up against these others. Our newsletter brings you explore emerging tech, AI trends and tools, and innovative thinking that can help you boost your productivity and creativity.

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Quick summaries of AI News

AI Newsletter TL'DR

This popular newsletter has over 500,000 readers, and offers concise summaries of the latest AI news, tools, and research papers.

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AI Newsletters For More Specific Interests

Research Summaries For Deep Learners

The batch AI Newsletter

Curated by DeepLearning.AI, The Batch provides concise summaries of key AI research papers and industry news. It’s “aimed at aspiring and active practitioners of machine learning. It’s also valuable for executives, enthusiasts, and people who simply want to understand the current reality of AI.” In the spirit of reaching people who are both new to the subject and deeply familiar with it, it’s written in simple language that’s true to the technical realities of the field.”

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Deep Thinking About Deep Learning

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This weekly from the Montreal AI Ethics Institute focuses on the ethical implications of AI, providing news, opinions, and research on AI ethics. It’s a must-read for anyone concerned with the societal impact of AI technologies.

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All About AI Safety

AI newsletter - Alignment

Created by AI safety researcher Rohin Shah, Alignment summarizes relevant research and discussions. Worth reading for those interested in the ethical and safety implications of AI.

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AI Product Academy
Tools For Product Managers

Ai Newsletter - AI Product Academy

AI Product Academy offers insights and strategies for building AI-powered products, with “content by Marily Nika, one of the world’s top AI Product Leaders with 12+ years @ Google & @ Meta.” They also offer templates, courses and tools, and it’s read by over 19,000 subscribers. A good one for your inbox if you work in product dev.

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Built For AI/ML Developers

alpha ai

This one is a must for those working in the field of machine learning. AlphaSignal “summaries include the upcoming state-of-the-art projects, notebooks, and Github repos allowing you to achieve unrivaled results as a developer or researcher.”

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AI Newsletter Focused On Marketing

AI newsletter - AI Marketing

From the Marketing AI Institute, this one is aimed at those interested in the intersection of AI and marketing, featuring tools, case studies, and strategies for using AI to enhance marketing efforts. Join 25,000 marketers checking this one out.

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Mixing Up Data And AI

dataelixir banner ®

With over 50,000 subscribers, Data Elixir is a top resources for those working with data and AI. The newsletter highlighting tutorials, tools, trends and best practices in data science and AI.

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